What to do if you get stuck in sand, snow or mud

What to do if you get stuck in sand, snow or mud

Perhaps every motorist has ever gotten stuck in sand, mud or snow and and every time got cash for cars scarborough. Let’s not puzzle out the reasons, let’s better consider the ways of solving these rather complicated and unpleasant problems.

So, a few recommendations from the resource spesnordavto.ru, what to do if your car got stuck in the sand, and maybe stuck in the mud.

If you use your car often, then be prepared that getting stuck is bound to happen, you just don’t know now or later, but in any case you need to prepare for it. Remember that the wheels of the car should be in excellent condition, that is, the pressure is within normal limits, the tread should have a normal thickness and a well-defined pattern. Have your cell phone set up with rescue numbers in advance, this will be a great help if your car will be stuck in a swamp or sand.

Simple slipping can have a negative effect, which is why you should try the “rocking” method. To do this, set the wheels straight and try to shift back and forth alternately. The direction of movement should be changed when the car begins to grind. No progress after 10-15 attempts? The same concerns sharp turns of a wheel “up to a limit” – then repair of a steering rack will cost very much. Let’s quit and move on to the next method.

To get out of “captivity”, it is necessary to give each wheel an open path, and the bigger the size of this path, the better it will be. It is best to use a shovel for this purpose, so you should get a folding shovel, which has a low cost and compact size. If you do not have a shovel at hand, you can use any improvised means, such as a wheel cover.

If your vehicle is stuck in the snow, then to get out it is necessary to increase the friction of the wheels with the road, this is perfectly suited ground, sand, gravel, small chips, straw, and so on. If there is nothing of the kind nearby, then, as a last resort, you can use car mats.

If the car is stuck in the sand, then, firstly, you should reduce the pressure in the wheels, and secondly, dig a path for each wheel, in which to throw twigs, stones and other small objects. If you manage to get out, do not forget to inflate the tires!

Finally, I would like to say the most important thing – once in a difficult situation, you should never panic, because panic hinders judicious and balanced decision-making.

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