Possible defects in the brake system

Possible defects in the brake system

According to experts’ calculations, half of all accidents occur because of defects in the car’s braking system. Motorists get so used to this system that they even forget to check it regularly, which leads to accidents. Although everyone understands that the life and health of road users depends on the correct operation of the brakes. The only way out of this situation is to contact a company that accepts cars for cash toronto.

Carefully monitor the operation of the brakes. If you notice that the system efficiency became lower, or one of the wheels brakes spontaneously, urgently contact a car service.

The main brake system faults are
1) Most often, poor braking is caused by:

brake fluid leakage;
air in the hydraulic system;
Increased clearance in the brake mechanisms;
Worn pads and drums.
In the case of a leak in the brake fluid to find the defect will help to inspect the pipes and working cylinders of the wheels of the car. The fact of the leak is easy to understand by the rapid disappearance of the fluid from the tank. If you encounter such a problem, urgently contact the service station for assistance. After replacing the defective parts of the system, it must be pumped to remove air and filled with the right amount of brake fluid.

On a large gap in the mechanism of the brake will indicate the increased stroke of the pedal, which becomes smaller with long or repeated pressing. Adjusting the gaps will correct the situation. If the vehicle is equipped with an automatic clearance adjustment system, it is still worth checking it and correcting the appearing defects.

2) Uneven operation of the braking system indicates the failure of one of the mechanisms. This defect leads to skidding and accidents. This behavior of the braking system is a consequence of the following:

brake fluid leakage from the cylinder;
piston malfunction in the cylinder;
linings getting greasy;
Worn disc or drum pads.
The piston should be repaired by disassembly, removal of defective parts, cleaning and lubrication with brake fluid.

Oiling of the linings is caused by the wear of the hub or half-axle seals. That’s why you should first eliminate the problems with these mechanisms, and then deal with the linings. You’ll need a solvent and emery cloth for cleaning.

3) Braking of one or more wheels is caused by:

A fault in the adjustment of the pedal’s free stroke;
piston jamming;
failure of the shoe shackle springs;
improper adjustment of the “handbrake”.
Some defects in the brake system can be corrected by your own efforts.

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