Metal mesh

Metal mesh

In various industries, as well as in the household, metal mesh is often used.
It is quite difficult to do without it during the construction of any building, masonry walls in order to fix the entire structure.

It is used to create fences on summer plots. Metal netting is actual among the users due to its unpretentiousness in use, durability as well as great durability.
Nowadays, metal nets can be of different quality and marking. The raw materials for them are supplied, among other things, from scrapyard toronto.

The main advantages of metal meshes

Among the advantages of metal mesh is the simplicity of design. Due to this characteristic, meshes can be used quite easily. This building material is produced in rolls, which makes it possible to transport it over various distances, stacking it compactly in the car body. Installation can be carried out by one’s own efforts, since the mesh is not heavy in weight.

Metal mesh can be stored for a long time, as it does not spoil and does not lose its appearance. Metal mesh is able to withstand different temperature variations. With good characteristics, this product is used for more than one year. If the proper installation of such building material, you can not worry about the fact that it will need to change after a while.

Basic types of metal nets

The construction materials market offers a large selection of metal nets and their subspecies, which can be used in various spheres of activity. Among the in-demand metal meshes should include:

– welded mesh;
– framed netting;
– all-metal mesh of the expanded type;
– woven mesh.

Features of the Rabitz chain-woven wire mesh

Due to its uniqueness and high strength, Rabitz wire mesh is used for various purposes. With its help it is possible to create:

– fences in the form of a fence;
– metal beds;
– plastering;
– to produce reinforcement.

The service life of such material is more than 50 years. In difficult and aggressive conditions it can be used up to 10 years, and then it will need to be replaced. This type of grid of metal unpretentious in care. Its cost is not too high, it depends on the thickness of the wire and the size of the cells.

Features of the all-metal mesh of the cut-and-drawn type

This type of mesh is considered an excellent solution for plastering walls. It is a kind of alternative to the usual network of metal. The manufacturing method of such a product – cut-and-drawn. It may not have a coating, there are variants that are coated with zinc. It is possible to use such a product in different spheres, namely:

– during plastering;
– in the implementation of facing and facade works;
– during the creation of an original design;
– in the creation of construction scales;
– for the sifting of various rocks;
– for the purpose of making containers;
– in the production of automobile and tractor filters;
– in the creation of ventilation grids.

The main feature of such a mesh should be considered a high coefficient of adhesion to the surface, as well as good strength. Having an integral transparent structure, such building material is often used in aligning walls and creating a unique room design.

Using welded mesh

To implement the reinforcement of brick buildings most often used welded metal mesh. It can be an excellent solution for creating a fence on a cottage plot or private territory. This type of mesh is presented in different variations, due to which it can be used in different ways. There are such subspecies of the product:

– galvanized mesh, which is produced in rolls and can be used in plastering or for the purpose of creating temporary fences;
– wire mesh, which is made in cards – most often this variant of the welded mesh is used for reinforcement of structures made of concrete;
– mesh made of low-carbon steel materials, used in the implementation of floor screeding;
– wire galvanized mesh for creating cages and aviaries.

Use of woven wire mesh

This type of mesh consists of strong wires of different diameters. During the creation of such a product, a special method of weaving is used. Today there are several options for weaving a woven mesh:

1. plain weave;
2. twill with weaving on one side;
3. twill weaving with one-sided weaving.

Woven mesh is used during construction, as well as in agriculture. At construction sites it can be used for the purpose of carrying out repair work. The woven mesh is used to sift powders, in road paving to strengthen the asphalt surface. Medical facilities use this material to dry and filter various medications. Drying cereals in agriculture can also be done using woven mesh.

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