How to independently check the quality and authenticity of engine oil

How to independently check the quality and authenticity of engine oil

It is well known that the absence of critical engine malfunctions will largely depend on the quality of the engine oil used. The car owner needs not only to service the engine in a timely manner, but also to use high-quality and original oil. Unfortunately, today on sale you can often run into low-quality fakes, the use of which can harm the motor. Let’s talk in more detail about how to check the authenticity of engine oil yourself, guaranteeing yourself the absence of serious problems with the engine and scrap car removal brampton.

In recent years, even specialized car dealerships have been selling low-quality oil, which in its appearance practically does not differ from the original. Moreover, not only expensive synthetic oil is counterfeited, but also cheaper semisynthetics, which are in demand on the market. Therefore, even when purchasing relatively inexpensive oil, we still run the risk of running into a fake, and in the future, the cost of engine repairs will be extremely high.

We buy oil only in trusted stores
To somewhat reduce the likelihood of acquiring a fake, you should shop for oil exclusively in specialized stores, but not in markets or in supermarkets, where there are often special departments for motorists. Of course, you can run into a fake even when making a purchase in a large specialized car dealership, but still they monitor the quality of the offer and the likelihood that you will be sold a surrogate is much lower than in ordinary markets.

Checking on the website of the oil manufacturer
Today, many oil manufacturers allow a barcode to check their products on the official website. This will allow you to track where a particular batch of oil was supplied and whether its number and QR code correspond to the data on the website. It is believed that this is the best way to protect yourself from buying low-quality lubricants.

Pay attention to the container and label
The container for engine oil must be of high quality and not show signs of damage. Today, manufacturers make plastic cans with various holograms and complex reliefs, so it will be problematic to make such an original container in artisanal conditions. If you bought the same oil for a long time, and now you see that the plastic canister has changed significantly, it is quite possible that you ran into a fake.

It will also be necessary to inspect the label, which should not have low-quality images, bifurcated letters and other problems with the quality of printing. The label itself should be glued evenly, without air bubbles and distortions. Often, to protect against counterfeiting, large oil manufacturers equip labels with various holograms, so it will not be superfluous to check their presence.

Oil price
Too low a price for engine oil should already raise some suspicions. Of course, individual manufacturers and stores arrange small promotions, but even within the framework of such an offer, the cost of motor oil can be only 10-15% less than the average price on the market. If you are offered motor oil twice as cheap as its regular price, then, with a high degree of probability, they are trying to sell you a fake.

Let’s sum up
The market for fake engine oil today is huge as never before, and the absence of problems with the engine will depend on the correct choice, and, consequently, the costs of the car owner for car repairs. In order not to run into a fake, you need to shop for motor oil in specialized stores, inspect the packaging and label, it will not be superfluous to check the QR code on the manufacturer’s website, and you also do not need to buy oil that is offered to you at a significant discount.

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