How to choose engine oil?

How to choose engine oil?

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of buying quality engine oil for the car. After all, it depends on it, how long the engine of the car will work. Therefore it is important to know which engine oil to choose and what criteria should be followed when choosing it. Moreover, the assortment of oils, presented in stores, is great, and it is not easy to orient even for experienced motorists. We hope that our article will help you choose oil for your new car. Well, you can always sell your old car for scrap and get a good sum of money:

What manufacturers recommend

Of course, when buying, you may be guided by the numerous ratings, compiled by the authoritative publications for motorists. Oils, which are in the top of such ratings, will really be of high quality. But those same ratings are made for different categories of oils, so it is quite difficult for a beginner to understand them. And you have to start with the basics.

The oil should correspond to the characteristics of a specific engine. Therefore it is best to choose an oil, guided by the recommendations of the automobile manufacturer. As a rule, automobile concerns advise oils for each type of engines they install in their cars. Most often, this information is either listed in the technical documentation or available on the manufacturer’s website.

Oil types

In the recommendations of the automobile concern often indicate the labeling of oils without explaining what it means and why this option is better. Therefore, before you choose an engine oil, it is necessary to understand what kind of oil it is.

All oils presented on the market are divided into three types:

Mineral. They are denoted as mineral. This is the most affordable motor oil, but its performance is a bit worse than the synthetic one, and it should be changed more often, with an interval of 4-5 thousand km of run. Therefore, although the price is lower, the cost of replacement is quite comparable with other oils. Moreover, their characteristics deteriorate during the cold season.
Synthetic oils. In this classification, it is the best option, because it surpasses the others in a set of qualities, i.e. they have the longest interval between replacements, good low-temperature properties, etc.
Semi-synthetic oils are designated as semi-synthetic and are an improved version of another basic group – mineral oils.
kakoe motornoe maslo vybrat
kakoe motornoe maslo vybrat
What a producer puts on a canister
To understand how to choose an engine oil, you should also learn to read the marking.

There is a European classification – ASEA. Here the letter A is for petrol engine oils, and the letter B – for diesel engines. There is an American classification API. It has a letter S for gasoline engines and a C for diesel ones. So when choosing an oil on the Internet or in a regular store, you need to pay attention to the brand.

It is not enough to know the type of oil, you should also understand its characteristics, especially viscosity. The American classification SAE is most often used for this purpose. The first number in it indicates the viscosity grade at subzero temperatures (here, everything is simple – W as “winter”, that is winter). The smaller this figure, the better the oil will behave in freezing temperatures. The second figure – is the viscosity at temperatures above zero. The higher the figure is, the more reliable the engine protection is, but the higher is the fuel consumption. Manufacturers produce separately winter and summer oils – SAE 5W and SAE 50 respectively. There are even tables of oil viscosity correspondence to the certain temperature. Here the choice depends on the region of the car exploitation.

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