How to check the quality of the engine oil yourself?

How to check the quality of the engine oil yourself?

The technical condition of the car engine and the absence of serious damage to the power unit will directly depend on the quality of the engine oil. The car owner should use only original oil, regularly check its level, as well as the quality of the oil in the engine. Only in this case it will be possible to exclude any serious breakdowns, thereby reducing the cost of operating the car. The car owner should also be aware of

Self check engine oil
An independent check of the oil is not particularly difficult, it takes just a couple of minutes, while the car owner will be confident in the quality of the oil, which allows it to be replaced in a timely manner if necessary. When checking, it is necessary to remove the dipstick from the engine and evaluate the transparency of the oil, its color and smell. Pay attention to the oil flow rates, which should not drip from the dipstick like water.

If the oil in the engine turns black, then it is necessary to change the oil at the same time as flushing the engine. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to shorten the oil change interval, which will somewhat extend the life of the engine, delaying the need for overhaul.

You can check the oil using a simple test, for which you need a sheet of white paper. It is necessary to drop oil on white paper, wait for the sheet to dry and then carefully examine the resulting stain. Such a stain should be uniform in color, and if the center is brown or black, soot particles are visible on the sides, this indicates the need to change the oil as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the color of the oil, which should be light yellow or amber. The appearance of a black color or characteristic blotches of soot and shavings in the oil indicates problems with the engine. A pronounced burnt singed smell in the oil indicates a breakdown of the cylinder head gasket. In such a case, it is necessary not to delay the repair, as soon as possible by restoring the engine.

Service interval and the need for oil flushing
On modern engines, it is necessary to change the oil every 8-10 thousand kilometers, depending on the condition of the engine. Previously, it was possible to drive 20,000 kilometers by car and only then change the oil. Today, engines operate at higher loads, most of them have additional turbines, which also leads to rapid oil wear and loss of its original characteristics. Therefore, if possible, the service interval should be shortened as much as possible, this somewhat increases the car owner’s maintenance costs, but at the same time eliminates the need for early overhaul of the engine.

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