How to change the cabin filter?

How to change the cabin filter?

In order to be comfortable in the cabin of the car, you need a special filter. It is necessary to clean the air entering there. But if you feel an unpleasant odor in the cabin, if the windows quickly fog up even without temperature changes, it means that this device is no longer working. The question arises, how to change the cabin filter and whether it can be done independently. In most cases, the replacement is done by yourself and quickly, but if necessary, you can always go to the service station. And if repairing the car is not rational, it is worth scrapping it:

Why do I need to change the cabin filter and how to determine that it is out of order
Air from the ground layer enters the cabin. In big cities with busy highways it always contains a lot of exhaust gases and harmful substances like formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide. This is especially noticeable when standing in traffic for a long time in summer, when all these substances penetrate into the passenger compartment. The filter does not cope with all the contaminants, but most of them do not get inside.

The signs that the filter has failed are clearly visible:

Frequent fogging of the windows from the inside,
A large amount of dust that appears when the ventilation is on,
A feeling of stale air, heavy odors in the cabin.
Drivers and passengers can get headaches when staying in the cabin for long periods of time.

How to Find a Cabin Filter

Many car owners do not even know where exactly the filter is installed. In this connection, it is not always possible to find such information on popular auto forums. In most cars, this part is located where the glove compartment is: either it is installed under it, or behind it. But there are some brands, where the filter is under the hood. In order to clarify this point, you need to study the technical documentation.

What kind of filter to buy?

Cabin filters come in two types – antidust and charcoal filters. Filters of the first type are distinguished by a simple design, for their production a special paper or material of synthetic origin is used, which attracts particles due to its electrified nature. First, such filters have a layer for coarse, preliminary purification, and then – for sifting out the finer particles. Anti-dust filters trap plant pollen, dust, etc. They cost inexpensively.

Carbon filters trap more particles and have a more complex design. True, they also cost more.

How often should I change the cabin filter?
In this question, you should at least follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. But the factory replacement interval is calculated for certain operating conditions. In some cities, the air quality may be noticeably worse than the calculated one, and then the filter is subjected to a more solid load. Therefore, although most manufacturers recommend doing it every 20-25 thousand km of run, for megapolis it is better to do it more often – after 10-15 thousand km of run. And, of course, you should not wait until the filter is out of order.

How is replacement

On modern foreign cars in most cases everything is simple. You need to remove the glove compartment, behind which is installed a removable filter cover, and then remove this detail. This is so easy that you do not even need a special tool.

But on some makes, access to the cabin filter can be difficult. Be sure to locate it on the diagram before removing the glove box. If you can’t get it yourself, it’s worth getting help from an expert. Because the harder it is to get to the filter, the greater the risk of installing a new one with a misalignment, poorly securing it, or even damaging it when you install it yourself.


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