How do I remove the starter?

How do I remove the starter?

If the starter fails, many people try to replace it with their own hands. And to do this, you need to know how to remove the starter. It is not so difficult to do, if you find out where it is and how you should act. It is better to first watch a video to know what the individual parts look like. Or better yet, read the manufacturer’s instructions. Certain difficulties are created by the lower location of this unit, because of which it can be difficult to get. The presence of the electrical part makes you perform such work more cautiously. Don’t waste time removing the starter if your car is badly wrecked. It’s probably easier to recycle it. Especially nowadays, there is very good money for it:

It is also worth noting that variations in the removal of the starter may differ from the design features of the car. Very often access to the starter is far from direct and involves the partial dismantling of other units and parts located in the vicinity of the starter.

Where is the starter located?

The main task of the starter is to start the engine. It is solved by unwinding the flywheel. Therefore, the starter itself is located under the engine and can be accessed from the driver’s seat. In meshing with the flywheel is the bendix, the fasteners for this reason are on the other side of this device. There are certain nuances for different cars. But in general, the general rule is as follows. As for the fasteners, it can be fixed with two or three bolts, this can be seen in the technical documentation. Depending on this is determined and the time to remove the starter. But on average it is at least 20 minutes.

Dismantling the starter: general rules

Features of the process depend on what technical capabilities the owner of the car has. Regardless of which method he will choose, it is important to organize two-way access to this device. And to do this, it will be necessary to remove the lower protection of the engine. The air cooling system will also have to be partially dismantled, and it is also necessary to remove the battery of the battery. Then it is possible to repair the starter with your own hands.

How is dismantling on a pit or elevator

The car – whether it is VAZ or Mazda, it is necessary to first drive to the pit, then it will be easier to get access to the bolts fixing the engine protection located at the bottom. It is a part made of a fairly thick steel sheet, fixed at four points. It is designed from the beginning for the fact that it will be removed during the repair.

It so happens that there is also an overlay to protect the muffler, and then it too will have to be removed. As well as an additional polymer plate – it is installed on foreign cars.

It is necessary to disconnect all the wires from the starter. Therefore, first remove the fasteners that fix the plus cable, then – the wire that goes to the retractor relay.

First unscrew the bottom bolt of the starter. To do this, it is necessary to use a wrench. The other fasteners are unscrewed from above. The starter after removal is pushed to the side of the passenger seat. This is done so that the bendix went beyond its normal place. In some engines, the order of work and unscrewing the bolts may vary, it should be specified.

Is it possible to cope without a pit?

Without a pit to cope with the dismantling of the starter will be more difficult. You will have to perform the work through the hood. It is necessary to get access to the bolts of the mount, for this it is still necessary to remove partially the air cooling system, as well as the battery. But the terminals and bolts will have to find literally to the touch. The sequence of actions will be such – first it is necessary to remove the bottom fasteners, then the middle one, because the necessary bushing is on it.

In most cases, it is better to entrust the dismantling and replacement of the starter to professionals.

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