How do I change the fuel filter?

How do I change the fuel filter?

The engine of a car requires a lot of fuel. The warranty period for most brands is 100,000 km, and even during this time its fuel system is under considerable strain, allowing several thousand liters of fuel to pass through. This could lead to severe contamination of the system, but the fuel filter prevents it by taking the load on itself. It’s very important to keep an eye on its condition. And, of course, you need to know when and how to change the fuel filter, especially since in some cases you can do it yourself. Anyway, it doesn’t always make sense to change the fuel filter. One such situation is a serious accident that has turned your car into a pile of metal. In this case, it is worth recycling it:

Fuel filter: what you need to know about the device

On modern cars there is a two-stage fuel filtration. A capron mesh for fuel intake with very fine cells is installed before the gasoline pump, but it still lets some contaminants through, and the final barrier to dirt particles is the fine filter.

In the past, all filters of this kind were installed in places where they were really easy to reach and replace by yourself – for instance, under the bottom of the car. But today, many manufacturers install the filter directly in the fuel module, because this is a more compact solution, and economically more advantageous. It is not possible to change such a filter separately, only as part of the whole module. Removing such a module by yourself is very difficult, you need to call a specialist at the service station. And there are built-in filters not only on foreign cars, but also on new Lada cars.

How often should I change the filter?

Scheduled replacement is done when it is recommended by the automaker. It all depends on the brand of the car, and on the type of filter – in some cars it is necessary to do it after 30 thousand km of run, in other cars it has a service life of 120 thousand km. At the same time frequent changes are provided where filters are installed separately from the block.

It is not necessary to change the fuel filter more often than specified by the manufacturer. The exception is when it becomes clogged. It can be felt by the behavior of the car. If the unit loses traction when driving at high speeds or under high acceleration, it is time to change the filter.

If mechanical contaminants get into the tank, then you should not only change the filter, but also wash the tank, and sometimes you have to change the gasoline pump as well.

Features of changing the filter

When changing the filter, you need to take the observance of safety rules with the utmost seriousness. It is better to work in the fresh air, or provide maximum ventilation to avoid ignition of gasoline vapors. You must wear protective gloves and goggles to avoid chemical burns. Of the tools you will need wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, jack and screwdriver.

The scheme of actions in general is simple:

The car is lifted with a jack and the stops are set so that it will not move.
Take out the fuse fuel supply, to reduce the pressure in the system.
Remove the minus terminal from the battery – for safety, so there will be no sparks.
Disconnect the filter from the system, wrap it with a tight material so the fuel won’t spill on the ground.
Dismantle the cleaner bracket.
Install the new fuel filter by connecting it to the system and fixing it on the bracket the same way as the old one was fixed. The fixing elements are new, because the performance characteristics of the old have deteriorated.
Replace the pump fuse and the negative terminal of the battery.

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