Converting a minibus to passenger or cargo: how serious is it?

Converting a minibus to passenger or cargo: how serious is it?

Lately the demand for such service as minibus re-equipment is increasing, allowing you to turn the cargo version into a comfortable passenger. Due to these global structural changes and the complex of special works, is achieved an increase in the interior space of the vehicle. There is also a growing demand for such a service as cars for scrap near me.

Professional service, for example presented on https://переоборудование.укр/, under force almost any brand of minibus in a cargo, passenger or combined performance. It all depends on the wish of the client.

What is being converted?

To remake a cargo bus, first of all, you need a clear idea of the structural features of the body, which will allow you to approach the modification of the car more rationally. The specialized service provides for partial or comprehensive conversion, consisting of:

– installation or removal of seats;

– ceiling and walls reupholstering, flooring changes

– improvement of thermal and sound insulation indices of the salon;

– redesign of the whole interior and some of its elements;

– Installation of additional electrical equipment, for example, heating systems, lighting, view cameras, etc.
The nuances of the upcoming work

When planning a detailed re-equipment of the car, specialists take into account a number of important points.

1. To carry out such work cannot do without the use of special tools and devices – only on this condition it is possible to achieve high quality when carrying out conversion into the passenger version, or, on the contrary, the cargo version.
2. Often it is necessary to install additional equipment and other functional additions: climate control, heating system, lighting devices, etc., which affects the final cost of the service.
3. In some cases, the appearance of the interior is subjected to partial or complete change: removed or installed seats, retightened the interior, made other changes in interior design.
It is unlikely to be possible to produce the listed works qualitatively independently, and only turning to professionals, you can count on a decent result on the results of the whole complex of the works.

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